Microsoft warns on Vista update
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Thread: Microsoft warns on Vista update

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    Microsoft warns on Vista update

    Hello all just a quick heads up on the soon to be released vista service pack. Apperently it will stop certain software from working. It seems to mainly affect third party security software. So test well before applying it. Here is the bbc link to the story http://

    BitDefender AV
    Fujitsu Shock Sensor
    Jiangmin KV Antivirus 10
    Jiangmin KV Antivirus 2008
    Trend Micro Internet Security
    Zone Alarm Security Suite
    Iron Speed Designer
    Xheo Licensing
    Free Allegiance
    NYT Reader
    Rising Personal Firewall
    Novell ZCM Agent

    This list is not complete so there are definatley other programs which will be affected.
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    Wow. MS can hardly afford to piss off their customers even further. I know a TON of people in the general population use Trend Micro because it's sold in Circuit City and Best Buy. Same with Zone Alarm even though it doesn't sell quite as much.

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    I'm running Trend Micro without any problems on the evaluation of SP1, so I'm wondering what will change...

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    Just came across this:

    It isn't just Vista SP1.................. they are shipping a new DRM mechanism, and we all know what their track record is like with those

    I guess that I would be inclined to switch off Auto Updates and wait and see what happens to the early adopters

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    microsoft vista are disaster for our pc....
    plese turn off your auto update....

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    I run ZoneAlarm Security Suite, and I will be paying attention when SP1 comes.

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    I havent had any program compatibily issues with Sp1 yet so we will see. Thanks for the heads up though.
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