I'm wondering about something with heat and processors:

Basically, I need a new machine soon. It's getting to where some fo the UT games and newer Id software games are starting to lag and it's just that time where I need to start thinking of a new machine VS upgrading everything.

Anyway, I already have the specs I want in mind and the price because I went to each PC makers web site and put together the system I wanted with their configure it tools.

Anyway, the ONLY thing where I was like "I'm not sure" was processor.

I don't want something where it runs super hot.

So what is the coolest running processor right now? I know AMD used to be well known as a very hot running chip, but is that still the case?

If heat means more to me than price which one would you recommend?

I'm not sure I can go with water cooling because that's still a bit pricey unless you buy it with the system from what I've seen and heard.

But either way I'd still like the processor to be one that runs cooler than the others.

Really, this is what I'd like to know:

If I was choosing between AMD and Intel, which one makes processors that run cooler?

Which of the processors they make actually run cooler?

I mean really I just want a decent system (I plan on spending AROUND 2,000 dollars give or take, which should set me up nicely) that runs cooler.

I already plan on making sure it has extra fans to help, and we keep the tech room temp lower than the rest of the house and pretty much make it where you need socks and a sweater to be comfy in here but I still want to be sure the processor itself runs cooler.

So which processors out now run the coolest? Which ones run the hottest?