To fill in anyone who's interested...

A while ago I posted ( ) about building an inter-municipal fiber network to serve over 20 towns in rural Vermont.

This is Town Meeting week in Vermont and the the local resolutions are coming up for vote. The support has overwhelming. I gave a 40 minute Impress presentation (the OpenOffice presentation product) with a Q+A session afterwards at my towns meeting yesterday. It was put to the town on a voice vote, unanimously YES.

The other towns are voting this week, the resolution appears to have a green light. It was wicked important that my town approved it as we have the highest population and business density of the area.

In a month we will be approaching the potential financiers for the $75M capital lease, we've got lawyers and bankers on our team for that process.

It comes at a strategic time for our area. Verizon just dumped our "landlines" on to a company named Fairpoint. The cable company, Comcast is only providing a hybrid network and not to every community or home.

I'll keep you posted...