Well another February 29 has come and gone, and I came across this mildly amusing article:


Apparently there are quite a few systems, in this case site registration ones, that refuse to recognise a leap year.

This means that you won't be getting a birthday card from Geoffrey the Giraffe

Here is a link to a birthday club sitw for Feb 29 babies, it has a Perl script and the calculation rules:


As this is the programming sub-forum, I have an amusing story to tell you. It was when I was doing Y2K testing on a sales order processing suite. I asked it to do me a 29-02-2000 month end and it gave me the "invalid date" message.................

I did what a beancounter would have done in the situation, and asked for 28-02-2000, because the 29th was actually a non-trading day for us, and even if it wasn't I had a work around by delaying the month-end run and processing all the 29th stuff as the 28th

I fell apart laughing when the message popped up "February 28th is not a valid month-end, would you like to use February 29th?"