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    Hello, I'm Mike I work in the IT field and I am very passionate about network security and would like to learn more. I don't call myself a hacker or anything like that. I've worked in several systems admin positions and currently my job focus is programming and I'm learning alot with that. All of our programmers (3) were promoted to management or similar positions so I sort've tackled the job duties of the 3 programmers and now I'm writing code all day. I'm learning alot, alot alot. Anyway, I would like to, in the future to get into the Network Security field and I suppose my dream job is to hack into systems and patch holes for companies and maybe even start my own firm doing so and this is why I joined AntiOnline.... to get some info on the subject of net security and hopefully talk to someone about the job industry and what is out there for me move into, down the road. I'm in my mid 20's and I've been successful in my career so far. I will contribute to the forums. Looking forward to talking with you all.

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    Hi, and welcome to AO

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