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    heatsink installation

    I'm currently in the process of building my own computer for the first time, and I'm unsure about installing the heatsink. Its got a metal clip on either side and I get one no problem, but the other one seems like its going to take some pressure to snap it into place. I'm afraid I'm going to put too much pressure on it, and end up cracking the processor. It is normal to have to press the clip down to get it into place? thanks.

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    Yes, it is normal to have to apply a small amount of force.

    DO NOT use the white crap (thermal paste) that generally comes with processors............ you need silver based stuff.............Arctic Silver or Antec is what I use.............. about 20x (2000%) more efficient.

    You won't break the processor............ more like the MoBo

    What sort of processor and motherboard (MoBo) do you have?

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    When I started building PCs, I was also concerned that the amount of force needed might crack something. I put the motherboard flat on an antistatic mat, fitted the CPU then fitted the heatsink. As it was flat and not supported by the mounting mechanism, there was no chance (IMHO) of cracking the motherboard. Now I'm happy to fit the motherboard into the case before installing the CPU and heatsink.

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