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Thread: Cyber Command ?

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    Cool Cyber Command ?


    Their site hardly looks like anything "government". And I wonder why they aren't keeping such a low profile as their Chinese and Russian counterparts. So, Anyone here a member ?
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    I have seen one or two news articles about them setting that up.

    I think that what we are looking at is some sort of recruitment exercise front for it.

    I think that at present the staff are mostly on secondment from elsewhere whilst they get it going?

    Send them your CV

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    Im not from the U.S ... i guess that matters :-(

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    Gen. Lord recently answered some questions from the slashdot community (even dodged one of mine :P)


    I'm tachyon13 there. I'm not so much disappointed that my question wasn't really answered (got to expect that from a PR perspective) but it's that he seemed to claim ignorance that 'security isn't a priority' is not common practice in the government (That is, till a breach happens).

    Oh well. Good reading though, and at the very least, he took the time to field questions.

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    I recognized the name (Cyber Command) from the commercials they started running not too long ago. I tried to search for the online version, and came up with this: http://blog.wired.com/27bstroke6/200...rce-cyber.html

    It's cyber war! Lawyers representing the Air Force's elite electronic warriors have sent YouTube a DMCA takedown notice demanding the removal of the 30-second spot the Air Force created to promote its nascent Cyber Command.
    And then the icing on the cake:
    U.S. Government works aren't even copyrightable. YouTube doesn't know that -- presumably because it has no lawyers -- and it's taken down the video. A spokeswoman said in an e-mail that the Google-owned service has no choice but to comply with DMCA notices. That's not quite right, though. YouTube has no legal obligation to remove non-infringing content.
    Does it get any better than that?

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