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Thread: nmap from the internet

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    nmap from the internet

    howdy kids

    so im doing a network assessment for a client and i just happened to notice something. I was ping sweeping (-sP) a /20 netrange from an outside host i normally work on, and I noticed that i got huge fluctuations in the hosts that responded... so I turned the throttling down to -T2 to see what the change would be, and I still got huge fluctuation of up/down hosts.

    I tried from a few other hosts I have access to, and they all experienced the same symptom. Anywhere from 30-200 hosts would come back as up... except for one a friend of mine has. I repeatedly get the same amount of live hosts from that box. I switched to a port sweep, and it's the same symptom with all the boxes except for that one... huge fluctuations of up/down hosts on each scan. I confirmed with the client that list I gathered from the exceptional box is very accurate.

    what confuses me is the large amount of fluctuation I received... the first thing I would consider are the iptables on each machine i scanned from, however that doesn't explain the changes I'd see in scans ten minutes apart.

    any ideas why one host would be totally reliable and the rest would fluctuate?

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    hmm... that is odd. it would appear that the most logical explanation is going to be a problem in your route between your toolboxes and your targets. have you compared differences in the hops between the one that fluctuates and the one that doesn't?

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