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    Linux Tops Defacment Stats

    Statistics report 2005-2007

    Zone-H has some interesting stats on website defacements and the defacers' server OS of choice.

    In the past the most attacked operating system was Windows, but many servers were migrated from Windows to Linux...
    Therefore the attacks migrated as well, as Linux is now the most attacked operating system with 1.485.280 defacements against 815.119 in Windows systems (numbers calculated from 2000).
    Awesome! The story's chock full o' charts to enjoy.

    [via Slashdot]

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    In the past the most attacked operating system was Windows
    When? Everytime I've viewed that site Linux has ALWAYS taken between sixty to ninety percent of attacks. And in my opinion, this is neither surprising or newsworthy. It seems sites like Slashdot are worried Zone-H will shut down because of me and they're using this as an excuse to keep it going.

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    You gotta chuckle at the fact zone-h.org is running Linux anyway.
    “Everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects.” — Will Rogers

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    Yea, not really surprising.

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    It had to even out somewhere. Think about it:

    One of the most popular (it would seem anyway) ways to set up a web service is LAMP, so if you're going to learn to deface something, which, really, is just a glorified way of tagging a brick wall except instead of spray paint you use a text editor, what skill set are you going to go for to hit the vast majority of web sites?

    Apache as far as I know still has more installs than any other web server, so you'll probably go for that.

    Just like virii writers who want to go for desktops go for Windows boxes because they have the most installs.

    It makes sense really.

    Also, if you already have Linux down, you can probably "port" that to people who use FreeBSD which has the biggest install base of all the BSDs.

    I personally always thought defacement was kind of funny. I mean yea, it pisses people off, and when it happens the admin is probably like "damn it, now my boss is going to know I have no idea WTF I'm doing and didn't install that last patch" but I haven't heard of many times where someone defaced + actually did much else to the machine.

    One of my favs was that girl evilangelica, now THAT was some good stuff.

    Also, some people have REALLY turned that into an art form. I have a book with some defacement shots in it and some of them are amazing. Hell they look better than the web page did before.

    This is totally legal and kinda of funny:

    My cousin one day owed me a bit of cash for some work I did for him on his machine. He had me clean up the 15 Trojans or so he got on there from trying to get free pron. Anyway, I told him "Seriously, either pay me by Friday or I'll get you back BOFH style" and he knew exactly what that entailed.

    He agreed that if he didn't pay me it was OK for me to let loose.

    Well, instead of paying me, he got drunk. I was kinda of mad and was over there acting like nothing was wrong and that I wasn't mad Now, I had installed Fedora Core for him since he really only used the thing to check email and surf the web, so it was easier for me because I could work on it from my house over SSH instead of having to go there or have him drive his machine to my house to work on it, and so I had SSH open so I could get in and work on it.

    He was setting his alarm clock while we all got ready to leave because he had to be up at 6:30 AM for work. He went to the bathroom, I re-set the alarm for 3:30 AM, and left.

    About 1 AM or so, I logged into his machine over SSH, then FTPd into MY machine, grabbed a couple Misfits MP3s, downloaded them to his machine, loaded alsamixer and turned his speakers up ALL THE WAY, and, from what I heard the next day, made him do a back flip. He left his speakers on all the time, all the way up, I turned them up the rest of the way over SSH with alsamixer.

    Then I did it again about 2:30, and then his alarm started going at the time I set it for, which was funny as hell because he told me he was in the shower half asleep when his Mom woke up and asked why he was up so early and told him what time it REALLY was and he couldn't go back to sleep.

    I got my money

    Nobody who defaces a website usually goes that far, but that's super funny. And he agreed to those terms for some reason... Not sure why considering he knows some fo the stuff I can come up with.

    That isn't even close to the most crappy thing I did when he owed me money. Hell one time he owed me 10 dollars and didn't pay so I reset his inittab to runlevel 6 as default. It was FUNNY.

    I rebooted the machine and he was asleep and woke up to it booting up and rebooting like 30 times before he unplugged it and called lol.

    Ahhh man good times.

    If only I had ATR albums back then. That's WAY more obnoxious than Misfits at 3 AM. lol.


    Sorry for dragging this off topic but it was SORT of on topic. My cousin was running Linux and I smashed a brick into his network. Legally !

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    Am I in that book, Gore?

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