Hello fellow members of AO. It's been a while since I posted a thread on this forum.

And I have just a couple of quick questions. Heres the scoop; The Doctors office my

girlfriend works for would like to connect both Doctors offices together. Both offices

are exactly 8.79 miles apart from one another. In the Cape office they are using an

Embarq Business ADSL account for their ISP. In the Fort Myers office they are using

Comcast (cable) for their ISP. Both offices are running Windows XP with SP2. Also,

both offices consist of two desktop computers and one notebook computer. They are

using Medisoft & Altapoint for medical billing, insurance claims etc... The Cape office

is currently running a WLAN network. (notebook is using wireless and desktops are

using CAT5 cable plugged into an netgear router.) Now, in the Fort Myers office they

are using a Linksys WRT54G v.5 router. Their orginial IT tech sold them a Dell

Server (not sure make or model) but it did cost over $2000.00 from what I was told.

Anyways, the Purpose of the Doctors wanting to connect both offices So they can

have access to each other schedule for customers, book appointments etc... Heres

the question what exact hardware do they need to achieve this? Switches, router,

server(s) etc... Also, what software should be used to do this (I assume) Windows

Server 2003 perhaps? Correct me if I'm wrong please. Also, what would you guys

recommend hardware wise / software wise? All help is greatly appreciated.