I am Tim, I am my own breed of anti-Virus. I have been hunting and destroying viruses on computesr for about 5 years now. I have battled some of the best from Goabot, Sasser , and even the Blaster Worm. I was the leader of a attack team against the Sasser worm at Quinnipiac University in 2003 and I have been the current resident virus expert on campus for the past 5 yeras. I enjoy the complexity and challange it is to remove such complex and strong viruses. Lately I have been delving into rootkits and seeing how they work and how they affect a machine.

Currently I am working at Yale as a Computer technician becaues I find that you only see the good virses on the frnt likes where they ususally occur. I enjoy educating people on these ideas and viruses to better everyone in the ways of modern technology.

I aspire to work for the FBI or CIA for their antihacker or cyber crime division.

I came to antionline to see more of what is around and what effects most of you. If you have questions please do not be afriad to ask. I am here to learn and help. Looking forward to seeing some good problems.