I'm building a new linux server for web development and testing...

So i need a down and dirty tutorial on what to look for in HD's and Video Cards.

I need a lot of speed and not so much on storage capacity for HD's

I need at least dual monitor capability on the video card and as much resources to be taken off the rest of the system as possible

If you have suggestions of stuff you bought thats kinda helpful but really i just need a review on what features affect what.

For example... whats the pros and cons of SCSI/SAS/RAID etc.

I dont think i need the different RAID configurations for backup as of yet but may in the future. Like i said i need a lot of HD transfer speed though, both on network and inside the box between HD's

What spindle speeds are good. 10K or 15K or the generic 7.2K (I realize they affect seek times but how much)

Video cards... what are stream processors?

What is good for memory interface and what does it do?

Anything else i should know? Linux can be finicky with displays and stuff in my experience so any tips there?

Thanks for any and all help as always guys...