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Thread: unusual gets in apache access log - mac osx

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    unusual gets in apache access log - mac osx

    I run a web server strictly for development use on apache and mac os x. I have noticed some unusual requests in the access log. Specifically, GET http://www.anonymitytest.com/cgi-bin/textenv.pl. I am not a security wiz, but I assume someone is trying to use my server as anonymous proxy. Under the Mac OS X server admin settings I have the proxy disabled. However the proxy module is on. I need to be able to connect remotely via ssh and secure ftp. Should I just disable the proxy module, and are there other security checks I should perform to insure no malware has been installed?

    Thanks for your help!

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    It's a perl script they're looking for. What's the status code you get
    on the "get" in the log? If I had to make a guess, they're simply looking
    to see if you're running a proxy already.


    I like doing a whois just for the heck of it. Not that that makes much
    difference in this case. Chit, you never know what'll turn up in a log

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