hey guys having bit of a problem and need help.

Basically im using a d-link dsl-g604t gen2 wireless router. im connected to it via the lan cable and my other "friends" are connected via wireless.

The problem is that im on a 20gig monthly limit on an adsl2 connection and they use this allowance up to quickly which ends up in our connection speed dropping to a 64kbps. which is pathetic considering im paying for the bills.

I would like to know how can i limit their bandwith so that they do not get the high speed which allows them to download alot in a day. They connect to router via wireless and there are no options for me to limit them via this.

i cannot access thier pc's to install software to do this... And i wnat to choose specifically which user gets what limit since my girlfriend is also connecting via wireless i dont want to hinder her speed