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Thread: sql help needed

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    You dont listen at all. No more help from me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oofki
    You dont listen at all. No more help from me.
    Heh...pot, kettle, black? See my earlier answer to your post

    For actual exploit examples that prove/show what is being done is correct (ie, # of cols and types are what is important, not what is being selected):
    etc, etc, etc

    Sorry shad0w7, not sure why it is failing, what you have should in most cases work...maybe there is another way to skin the cat (ie, not using union select).
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    ok, thanks anyway guys

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    Have you tried it without any text between the commands?

    productdisplay.asp?idProduct=-1 UNION SELECT 1,2 FROM users--

    I thought it was that way working with asp
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