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    Quick Question about Proxies

    I have been researching the issue. i guess i will just go straight to the question. i see alot of paid high speed proxy services that promis that they can bypass any bandwidth restricstions from the service provider. example service provider gives high speed up untill 3GB capped, then slows your connection. how can they bypass this? (if its possible)

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    I am not quite sure what you mean? can you provide some links/examples?

    I am not clear as to who connects to what and the sequence.
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    Too my knowledge you will be unable to bypass any bandwidth restrictions your ISP puts in place, EVEN going through a proxy, because well your still utilizing your connection through your ISP to connect to the proxy.

    The only other way its possible to bypass any restrictions your ISP puts in place would be to use someone else's bandwidth through a wireless connection but I'm not going to get into that
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    Perhaps if you want to download something that is over 3G that will only be there a short time (like usenet posts are occasionally), they let you download it to their server and then get it off at whatever speed your own ISP would let you... that's the best guess I can try to mind read... and yes, I have had a cocktail :-)
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