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Thread: Rootkit Detector MBR included

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    Thumbs up Rootkit Detector MBR included

    Trend Micro (PC-Cillin) have released the latest beta of their rootkit detector that now claims to detect MBR rootkits that were in the news and discussed on this site a few days ago.

    It is free, and I have just tried it out on an XP SP2 box and it is still working

    I will try Windows 2000Pro and Vista Home Premium a bit later, and report back.


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    Hey Cider, make sure that your guys know about this.................. I use both companies' products ...... it won't do your career any harm to show that you have your finger on the pulse?
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    I'll try it. I still trust rootkitrevealer most of the lot of 'em but it never hurts to double and triple check.

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