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    Global warming?...the real threat

    If you are worried about Global Warming and CO2 emissions, I have news of a far greater threat that is being witheld from the public by an unholy conspiracy between the EPA and the CIA.

    Full details here:


    This stuff kills more people in a year than carbon dioxide does in a century!
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    LOL.. I thought it was strictly an April 1 thing but I see this one's been going on for a while.
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    Hi MsM,

    Yes, I was into the April Fool's thing, but was talking with a few contacts and we got onto other humour sites. This one came up, and I had never even heard of it, so I felt that I had to share.

    My first impression was that it is extremely well presented? which sort of leads into discussions about social engineering and how people get taken in.

    Actually, the bit about Global Warming is scientifically correct (meteorologically speaking). Water vapour makes up over 75% of the greenhouse gases in our atmosphere................. guess those Yanks with their infernal coffee percolators are to blame?

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    Yeah, the stuff is deadly. There is literally enough of it accumulated
    in some places that you could drown in it.
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    I don't know about the dangers of the percolated product here but the European continent gave us those damn espresso/cappucino/latte machines and I'm sure the gaseous form of this hazardous substance causes much more damage than the stable liquid form.

    This stuff is truly hazardous, it's one of the only compounds on the planet that expands when it solidifies, it expands when it vaporizes. It is hard to contain.

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