hi again all,

before I go ahead I should state right now I'm no great shakes with web design/coding

The office I do some part time IT work for wanted a page to allow people to register with them so with a little help from google and friends who are better at this stuff I set up a .php which saves everything to a database and seems to work well enough.

So it works and should be fine against injection and overflows (so I'm told by someone who checked it for me) but I got to thinking. Anyone whos been around online forums have seen spambots register and post whatever crap.

I added captcha (I think thats what its called) but my boss didnt want anything too complex to make it hard for people to register so I'm pretty sure OCR could pick it up.

My worry is someone could try the same thing to just spam entries on the page which would either crash the server or leave the database full of useless information giving (most likely me) hours of work to filter through it.

So before it actually goes public on the site I wanted to stress test it a bit. I dont actally have the skill to make something myself to do it and I checked around google but I'm not actually sure what I'm looking for. Someone mentioned xrumer but that doesnt seem to be it.

Long story short I'm looking for something that would let me stress test the page. Free or otherwise it doesnt really matter since its probably worth investing into not losing my job there.

Thanks in advance anyone with any ideas, even a generic term for the kind of thing I'm looking for would be great and I can search around from there.