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    Wi-fi router withour changing TTL

    I have a laptop and LAN internet. I bought wi-fi router so I can have internet in all rooms. Then I do the configuration of the router, but ISP need to change some TTL so I can use the router instead of pc, but the ISP won't change this TTL. Can I do something to use my router without changing this TTL?
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    Are you talking about the MAC address? I had to register the MAC
    address of my cable modem when I bought one to use instead of
    the one supplied by the ISP. If this is the situation, the router,
    or other device you have, should be able to send a different address
    to satisfy the provider.
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    No, I am talking about TTL - Time To Live. But I think a found a solution. I patched my router's firmware so I can change the TTL and I will try it now
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