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    Router not able to handle more than one connection

    The internet freezes when my friend connects to my wireless router. It looks like at a time the router is accepting only one user. I have to turn off and on the router to use again. Certain days we have no problem connecting. The router is Linksys EA6900 which I borrowed.
    We are using the cable internet service of Acanac. Internet speed is 15Mbps. We were getting fast internet working simultaneously before. I guess the router has slowed down due to some issues.
    What do you think might be causing it?

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    Usually when I see that is because of power line voltage dropped and latched up the router.
    To fix it, just pull the power connector, wait 30 seconds minimum, re-insert the power plug, then when up, test.

    To stop that mess from taking place, I placed my modem and router on a UPS.


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    thanks Shay.. it happens to many people..

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    Quote Originally Posted by janessa642 View Post
    it happens to many people..
    It sure does. Very, very common thing to have happen.

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