Hey Hey everyone!

Tomorrow is my birthday and im getting a new pc being right now i am limited to my macbook... my last desktop was subject to lightning...

my last desktop was an amd 64 3800. 1gb ram

before that an amd xp 3000.. before that xp 2000.. before that P3 slot 1 500mhz...

So its been a while since I have really kept up with Intel.. I am more of an AMD guy..

I am aware that the Intel Core 2 Duo is better than the AMD X2 currently.. but what I am not sure of is how much better??

If I go core 2 duo il be getting the e6320.. i believe that is a 2.2ghz..

if I go AMD X2 il be getting the 6000+..3ghz.. and its roughly 50-75$ cheaper.

Now... I want everyones opinions... what do you think is better and why?

The main aspects I am concerned about is Gaming and multitasking.

As long as my CPU can play games from a year or 2 ago, and perform multiple tasks at one time without slowing down extremely I will be happy

So... that is my question




personally I am leaning towards the AMD... that 50-75$ will fill my gas tank and I love my AMD, but before I decide I would like some more input