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    Lightbulb Searching File Over the Network

    hello everyone.

    i'm a student. my lecturer asking us to find a file over the network in our university. he will give the name of the file and need us to find it. we only have to answer where is the file is store by stating the pc number and which floor. is there any way to do it? any kind of software?

    thank you.

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    We used to use a perl script for that. Had to be a domain admin though,
    I believe. What kind of rights do you have? Unless you've got some kind
    of admin rights, you're going to be limited to searching shares.

    MS seems to have a decent tool for searching shares:

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    just a normal user.
    can it be done?

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    Sure. Browse the network shares and see if you can search them.
    It's a university. A big network with lots of 'public' folders you've
    probably got permissions for. Beyond that, I can't advise you...

    If you find the file on a share, you may well be able to deduce the
    physical location from the name. Computers often have labels on
    the outside of the case.

    Wow, PC number and floor? What's the sense you got from the
    lecturer's request? Anything goes? Maybe he gave you a Gordian
    “Everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects.” — Will Rogers

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    I had a batch file that read computer names/ips in and scanned the entire machine, not just shares, and split up reports on file types. Boy did my music collection get big, lol.

    Anyway, with just regular user rights it should be no problem. I doubt he's expecting you to pwn his firewalled box and retrieve financial records. He'll probably have a share somewhere like \\computer1-floor3-rm112\HEY_LOOK_OVER_HERE_IM_A_SHARE

    If you want a crazy easy way to find shares, download Angry IP Scanner from http://www.angryziber.com/ipscan/ipscan.exe (source code is available on their website) and download the Windows Shares plugin from http://www.angryziber.com/old/ipscan/plugins/shares.dll.

    Again, all the source code for all their tools/plugins is available on their website. I stress this because antivirus tools will either detect this as virus or a 'hacktool' which it is not. There's a petition on their site to battle this misidentity, but you can go through the source yourself to see that it's just an ip scanner.

    It will probably get automatically deleted so i'd suggest burning it to cd so the AV can't delete it, unless you want to go through the trouble of setting up an exceptions folder. Anywho, make sure the .dll and the ipscan.exe are in the same folder, launch the scanner and go to Options->Select Columns and move "Shares" over to the box on the right. Now you should see the shares column in the scanner.

    Now all you gotta do is hit the IP button with the green up arrow next to it to put your ip in the scan field, then hit the class c button to set the range for your whole ip subnet, and click Start. The scan will only take a couple minutes and you'll see results right away. When it's done you can click Utils->Delete from list->Dead hosts, and you'll have a list of all the active hosts, and under the shares column you'll see any shares you can access.

    After you got your spiffy new list, you can right click->Open Computer->In Explorer and browse the share.
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