Hello fellow members of AO. I have a couple of quick questions. The company I work for already has a (main) website (based out of miami), however, the store I work for (different city) wants one strictly for their store. I was thinking about using the main stores website/for the layout its self, but using some text from their website. BTW, We carry different stuff than the Miami store (main store) thats one of the reasons. Plus the main website hasnt been updated since beginning of 2007. Anyways, what I'm asking is whats one of the best web hosting companys to go with? cost effective? The fund are comming out of petty cash so anywhere from $ 0 - 40.00/ a month will work. A co-worker told me to go with godaddy.com but I searched google and found one I thought was actually really good price for the packages they offer www.bluehost.com

what do you guys generally look for when purchasing a web hosting package? Who/what do you guys recommend? Nothing is to be bought/sold online nothing like that.