Well, after 14 years, the chance for an Alpha Black Lotus has finally come up again.

Anyone who plays Magic: The Gathering knows what this is. The most expensive card in the game.

Not only that, but it's rated PSA 9. How much? $300.00....

Why so little when it's rated PSA 9 and on Ebay they start at opening bids of $3,000.00? Because the owner of a gaming shop in my home town has 3, and offered it. He said normally he'd sell them for about 2 grand a piece which is still a deal, but since it's for me, he said he'd let it go for $300.00 as a friend thing.

I'm blown away already. The last time I had a chance for an Alpha Lotus was about 14 years ago, for 175 dollars. My Mom thought that was too expensive even though the going rate was 400 already.

This card has pretty much gone up in price ever since then, and when I started playing they were about 175.00 and you could get them for like 50 dollars, and they were still the most expensive card in the game.

It's also one of the most useful. First turn kills are only the start.

Well, now I have another shot at this, and **** do I regret not buying some of the stuff, or at least not opening some of it.

Right now, the Arabian Nights expansion set boosters in an un-opened box go for 10,000 dollars. I bought two when I started playing for 60 dollars each.... If only I hadn't opened them!

Also an Alpha start deck box back when was about 200 dollars or so, maybe more, and now, to get one, it's 23,000 dollars.

I showed my Mom Ebay and other places that had Alpha Black Lotus cards for sale. Mint condition rated cards that have been sent in can sell for up to 30,000 dollars and I reminded Her of when I could have got one for 175.00 and She decided it was probably a good idea to snatch this one up for 300.00 as next time it comes up they'll probably be about the price of a BMW.

Literally it's an investment. They started going up in price every month for the last 9 years. About two years ago I checked the price and they were at 1500 dollars. Two years later it's 3,000, I don't want to wait around another two years when opening bid becomes maybe 10,000.

Anyway, I'm blown away at the price. I know this guy personally and I may even be able to get a Time Walk off him. (Alpha Time Walks in crap condition, with tears in the card, go on Ebay currently for about 600).