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Thread: XSS Cheat Sheet

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    XSS Cheat Sheet

    Since cross site scripting comes up on occasion... I noticed this resource on Digg.

    XSS Cheat Sheet - ha.ckers.org

    Note from the author: XSS is Cross Site Scripting. If you don't know how XSS (Cross Site Scripting) works, this page probably won't help you. This page is for people who already understand the basics of XSS attacks but want a deep understanding of the nuances regarding filter evasion. This page will also not show you how to mitigate XSS vectors or how to write the actual cookie/credential stealing/replay/session riding portion of the attack. It will simply show the underlying methodology and you can infer the rest...
    Remember, use the knowledge for good!

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    That sites been around for awhile, its freakin sweeeeeet

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    Yeah, new to me. Have to spend some quality time in the archives...

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