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    Multiple Windows OS Loaded

    I loaded Windows XP onto an external HDD. Shortly after, I ended up deleting this from the external HDD. Here is the strange part:

    My computer now recognizes the version of windows formerly loaded on the external HDD as the primary version of windows even though it is not even loaded, or when the external HDD isn't even connected. I've set the internal (proper) HDD to master settings and first to be loaded on both the jumpers as well as the CMOS and BIOS.

    I can load windows normally if I mash the down arrow key to select the proper windows installation on boot, but this is flawed and irritating. I've cleaned both HDDs, cleaned my internal (primary) HDD's registry, but my computer still logs two installations of windows.

    I can't seem to figure out how to remove the non-existent installation or at the very least change which is attempted to be loaded first. Any suggestions?
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    Try editing your boot.ini file. Instructions are here:


    That usually does the trick

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