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Thread: Password help

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    Password help

    Hi everyone...I have just installed a new harddrive in my laptop. Completely formatted. Windows xp home ed. CMOS battery out overnight.

    However, when I reach the logon screen it is asking for a password next to my account. It never had one and I have tried everything to get round it.

    Even tried the shift f10 during setup...doesnt work. Wont give ne access to the account.

    This is starting to annoy me.

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    Whaddya do???

    Try booting into Safe Mode and logging in using the Administrator
    acc't. By default, there is no password. Then go to Users in the
    Control Panel and change your password.

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    Alternatively hit up: http://home.eunet.no/pnordahl/ntpasswd/bootdisk.html

    Boot, set password to null or whatever you want. Go in and change as needed.


    Also, and I know you already tried this, but did you just try to log in with no password (I know it asks you for one, but if you didn't put one in...)

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