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    Newbie Question... Imagine that.

    Good Morning... I'm a bit short on time, and I'm hoping to find this forum to be a resolve... I've searched and searched, but my phrasing must be off... I am wanted to connect to another computer on my same LAN... I'm not outside of the LAN wanting to get in, I'm physically connected to the same one. Of course, trying to find information leads me to a lot of Remote access information pertaining to server/client software... If I could install the client, I wouldn't have the question. I apologize in advance if I'm speaking out of term, or if anything is sub par to the standards of the forum, and I truly appreciate any help.

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    If you both computers are physically connected to the same LAN you are already "connected". You will have to enable file sharing in the computers so that you can actually do something with the connection.

    Knowing the "names" of the computers will help you search the network.

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    Yes you will have to enable filesharing.

    What exactly do you want to do on the network.
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    It'd be easier to answer this if we knew in what way do you want them 'connected'. You'll learn in the future that there are many, many ways you can consider them connected. Do you want to share files between them? Maybe just play MP games with them? Do you want to be able to pull up a remote desktop from one to the other?

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    It would possibly help if we knew what operating system there is on both machines, and whether the envisaged connection will be one way (client/server) or two way (peer to peer)?

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    Alright, I guess my question has nearly changed entirely... I was able to use remote desktop to connect to the computer, I do know the names of the computers I need to access... Both are running Windows XP Pro... I suppose my question now would be this: Is there any way around the login? Or a way to retrieve the password from the network?

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    Hmm sounds like you don't have 'authorized' access to the machines then... Just because you are on the same physical LAN doesn't mean you are authorized on those boxes (otherwise you would have the login)

    What exactly are you trying to do again? The more vague you are, the more suspicious I become.

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