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Thread: Any ideas ?

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    Any ideas ?

    I have a Ubuntu 7.10 server on my network that right now is just a file storage for my roommates and I. Now I know it is possible to set it up as a streaming server ( i have quite a few amvs/movies on it), but am having some difficulty doing so. I want the server to do all the decrypting/transcoding/whatever on its side so that i could use my Wii or ps3 or any computer to view it. I tried to use gnump3d to do this but it did not work this way, it requires the device you are using to have whatever codecs required to play it.

    any links to ways to do this and/or walkthrus are very much appreciated

    now i realize i may have confused/not very clear on some things so feel free to ask me questions.
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    Several options...

    All based around UPnP (DLNA):

    Also an Apache server can be configured to stream media..

    Or just use Samba.. My Netgear EVA8000 plays video/music fine from a samba share.
    The simplest solution is to transcode your movies to something your Wii/PS3 can play directly and store those..
    You can use Mencoder (part of MPlayer) to do the transcoding..
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    Thankyou very much i may look at doing the apache Route if i cannot get vlc to work right. trying vlc first.
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