///"Works in XP/ for vista also but must use some different options."////

Some times it is good to do some tests on CPU overheating.
For that you need to make it work to 100% for a while. (about 20+ min)

Yes, you can use scripts in cmd.exe to do that work.

script N1: one line script
@for /L %i in (0,1,999999999999) do @echo %random% > nul

scipts N2: nonstop scripts, untill you push Ctrl+C
@for /L %%i in (0,1,999999) do @echo %random% > nul
@goto ag

script N3:
@echo %random% > nul
@goto ag

you can always start few tasks(scripts) at the same time to make it work harder.

@for /L %i in (0,1,20) do @start /REALTIME CPUscript.cmd

to make it easy to stop it make prepare cmd window with this kommand line:
@tskill cmd*
just push enter when tied.