Hello all, hope this is the right place to put this.

Ok long story short..

My college mark for this term is 50% from the practical work we do. We're split into pairs for a kind of wargame, one of us is the attacker and one the defender.

This month I'm meant to be attacking my friends server (its all on our private network.) This week is meant to be attack and defend against denial of service. I tried a basic dos from my box but he mitigated it after a while.

So what I'm looking at is a ddos tool for a botnet, I've got a few other computers on the network I can use. By the rules though I cant actually go and run the dos from each box but if I could create a dosnet with them then I could win this week.

I dont have the skills to make my own and I cant find them anywhere, I've checked p2p networks and google.

I've heard about MyDoom and Wintrinoo (I dont want to have to go linux and use trinoo.. that wont end well for me) but when I try to find any kind of server configuration for them all I can find is ways to stop them. (Which would help him so I wont be mentioning them )

Any help much appreciated.