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Thread: Net neutrality

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    Net neutrality

    Organizations that don't have "deep pockets" should have the same access to the internet "without snooping or blocking or slowing down" by internet providers, the vice president of a conservative Christian advocacy group said Thursday at a meeting on network management.
    In response to arguments espoused by cable companies that net neutrality regulations would prevent them from filtering illegal content like child pornography, Combs said she finds such claims "disingenuous."

    "Let's remember: it was the King James Bible that Comcast blocked that caused the current controversy," said Combs

    I thought it fascinating, since many people might have assumed
    that a so-called Conservative organization would always favor

    What I want to know is, when is Comcast going to stop blocking
    port 80 on consumer accounts?
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    meh, net neutrality should just follow the lines of free speech etc, why recreate the wheel, and try to redefine all of the above, like clinton in '95. That way they can still filter out the kiddy porn, and everyone can be happy, (including port 80 :>)
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