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Thread: FTP Scanner (NT)

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    Please give the reference where it is possible to download FTP and NT Scanner by Lomax

    In GOOGLE it is impossible to find (
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    I have created a new thread for you as the one you posted to is rather out of date.

    You are looking for an FTP scanner? forget the one by Lomax, it is obsolete now. He got his code/concept from Inode, so search for him..........

    And be careful! a lot of sites that carry that sort of stuff are rather more than you expect

    If your question is academic and you really do need the Lomax one, please let us know.
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    Honestly I have never heard of it. If I come across it I will let you know though.

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    Hmm it seems that Paul Lomax maintains Nessus I found it on his blog:

    Maybe that is what you are looking for? Nessus?

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