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    Youtube & Windows Mobile 6

    I've been googling this and getting nowhere. Any tricks on getting a Windows Mobile 6 phone (Blackjack II in my case) to play YouTube videos?

    I tried this and it resulted in big fat FAIL.

    Again suggested here.

    Not sure if I'm just jacking it up or what, but I'm getting an error that the flash bundle is not supported by my current version of Windows Mobile.

    Still digging through google myself...


    Alright, I got the player and flash bundle installed, still no go though. When I go to Youtube and try to play a video, it disregards the player I installed and tries to play through Windows Media Player, naturally. How to change that default I have no clue yet (first day of owning a Windows Mobile device :P).

    One thing I read was to go to www.youtube.com instead of m.youtube.com, but one redirects to the other on the phone, so no dice there either...
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