Hey guys

Got an interesting one here.

Our lan comprises about 15 workstations and 3 servers. Got about 4 remote clients.

Anyway we have a Panda Gatedender Integra here which does spam filtering and web filtering etc etc. We also have a netgear firewall here (FVL 328).

Now we have been getting bad download speeds. Our isp is in our building. Even downloading from there ftp is like 2 kb/s.

Now i want to run some diagnostics on the network. Inside our LAN to see our speeds. Then i will bypass the firewall and integra to see the speeds. I want to see if its this netgear rubbish and/or the integra.

Can anyone point out any free diagnostic apps I could use. Not too complex, im half half when it comes to networking.

All workstations are xp sp2 (ill be putting on sp3 for xp today and tomorrow) except my machine and boss's are vista sp1.

Any tips, ideas, ulti would be wonderful!