Hi Guys!

First of all, glad to be back. It's been yonks since my last visit. Been busy with work and family. Yes me and angelic_ky got married and now have a little girl.

Anyhow, to my question. I need to create a database app for work. Thing is, our machines at work do not have MS Office, so using Access is out of the question. We do however have OpenOffice.

My question is, what would be a reliable and quick soltion...

1) just create the dbase app using Open Office
2) create dbase on MS Access and just code a FrontEnd using VB.NET.

Thing is, I've done MS Access dbase with a custom FE coded using VB.NET. However, it is a pain to do the FE coz of all the components I have to code (the gui, classes, the bit that convers vb commands to sql, the bit that connects the client to the remote dbase, etc).

I need the database to be accessed by multiple user at same time, and i'm not sure if OpenOffice allows that.. actually I'm not sure anything about OpenOffice.

Any ideas?