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    What is this person trying to do with my form?

    Someone has written a script to access my contact form. I believe that it is the same program because the ip is 203.xxx.xxx and the email listed is a randomly generated pattern of 8 letters[a-z]@8 letters[a-z].com

    Here are some of the data they input into my form:

    I will receive 5 within a minute every other day. I figured that it was automated and not personal so I changed the url of my contact form and I still am getting these hits. What do you make of this? Please advise.

    My form... www.fischerswebsites.com/c4ntacts.html

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    It is probably just a random spam bot that has your site on it's list of targets. Adding a captcha test to the form would probably be the best bet to stop it. You can also move the form to a different URL or ban the bot's IP address[es] but in the end, captcha is the best bet.

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    It is a spambot that appears to try to advertise travel and mobile phones

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