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Thread: what would you do?

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    what would you do?

    i have a thirteen year old(just turned) who has been a bright student with good athletic ability and basically has life by the balls. unfortunately, like most young people, he doesn't know it. he has a small deck off his bedroom which i rarely ever go onto. i went up there to set up a cable line for the tv the other day and to my utter ASTONISHMENT find 20 small cannabis plants growing there.
    of course i freak out and ask him where he got the seeds and he says from a website one of his older highschool friends told him about i go check it out and sure enough he still has the envelope hidden under his bed along with some tabs that appear to be extacy which he says he got from the same source
    i must admit that i use marijuana myself and see it basically as a harmless drug(FOR ADULTS), but the extacy thing is a whole different ballgame. just thinking about the whole thing makes me want to take a flamethrower to that place.
    i go there and they seem to be acting as if they are a band of "compassionate" people out to help medical marijuana users acquire and grow seeds. i have applied for registration, but not gotten entry yet. not sure what to do when i get access?!?!

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    Not sure where you live but over here you can grow 5 plants for personal use.

    I'd have a long hard talk with him about the risks involved. He probably doesn't realize his actions could land him in jail.

    Don't do anything stupid on that site. As that might backfire and land you in jail.
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    Yeah I agree. Just keep your child out of the dirt Check out his friends.

    Be strict from the beginning, thats my advice
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    Well mate, this is your first problem:

    i must admit that i use marijuana myself
    And you expect a thirteen year old to see that as not condoning it? The old "Do as I say, not as I do" crap will not work unless he is a retard, which he clearly isn't

    As for the crowd supplying the seed............. I guess that shows one of the problems of the internet.......... finding out someone's age/identity? do they charge..... if not then they should, and only accept a conventional bank debit or credit card.

    Your real worry in my opinion is the ecstacy............... the kid doesn't seem to have any pharmacological knowledge. You need to bone up on that and have a serious talk with him. Some things are pretty damn dangerous........... for example you wouldn't be able to register paracetamol these days because the difference between the recommended dose and the LD50 is too small.

    Another thing to point out is that "pot" is a vegetable product..... those tablets are man-made, and you don't know to what standards......... like how much rat **** is there in each one? You see, if you screw up pharmaceutical production you really don't know what "by-products" are now in there?

    Some drugs are relatively harmless.......... whereas others are downright dangerous! He needs to understand that........... for example, take lithium carbonate BP............. if I had manic depression it would be great............ if I took it as I actually am, it would probably kill me.

    Now, please do not take this as any sort of personal criticism. I am a 57 year old male

    he has a small deck off his bedroom which i rarely ever go onto.
    Perhaps you should spend more "quality time" with him? If you don't, there will be substitutes who may have a detrimental influence on him?

    OH! and welcome to AO....... sorry it is such a stressful first post

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    Quote Originally Posted by nihil
    I am a 57 year old male
    Countdown to free bus pass
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    Hey jm459,

    Countdown to free bus pass
    Not only that............. my first two occupational pensions, and a decent life insurance policy maturing ............... just when you can actually afford the bus fares .................

    You got me thinking there though, I cannot remember the last time that I travelled on a bus in the UK.


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    For one thing, instead of being upset (after all, you admitted your own use), be compassionate but stern. Let your kid know the rules of reality. There are times and places for doing things like marijuana and ecstasy. Natural mind-altering chemicals are fine in moderation (in a grown, not growing, human). Human-manipulated mind-altering chemicals are, for the most part, deadly. We are not quite as smart as nature yet (watch the news for proof) and so doing anything that doesn't grow naturally, is foolish and insane. Since your kid is already partaking of these substances, ask yourself what it is that most upsets you about his/her use. THC may indeed be harmful, but I see no proof of that in myself. Some so-called "studies" have determined that marijuana is harmful to a human. They go on to name all the dangers associated with smoking marijuana. Well, of course, smoking marijuana is dangerous; anything that has combusted will give off toxic materials. Does carbon-monoxide ring a bell? Why do these people never mention the "dangers" associated with inhaling THC vapors from a vaporiser and/or eating marijuana? Its quite obvious that most everything will be dangerous to some degree when you inhale its smoke. And exactly which of these "studies" have used children, gave them marijuana (wouldn't that be illegal?;oh yeah, the government is above its own laws) and let them smoke it. As these children grew up in some ultra-secret laboratory in Northern Minnesota, government scientists studied their growth patterns, physiological changes over time and all the other questions that would need to be answered. Apparently, they forgot to include vapor inhalation and digestion as other controls in their experiments and observations. If they did indeed include the aforementioned ideas, someone is, for some reason or another, forgetting to tell us about the outcome. Some day you will not be able to direct your child, so use this as a means to teach him/her to make decisions based in reality. It would be nice to sneak off in the woods while skipping work just to smoke some weed, but the reality is we have other obligations in life that are, at most times, more appropriate uses of time. We all may have, or had, to deal with our off-springs drug problems. If we get upset, we allow anger to take over our compassion and forget the feeling of empathy. How did you feel about life when you were thirteen? It was amazing, wasn't it? Just being a kid, but knowing that adulthood lay ahead and you wanted to rush into it. Adults do drugs, and so children and teenagers mimic behaviors. If you're going to continue smoking marijuana, make sure you teach your children reality. If you want them to quit, you have to quit. Simple as that. Hope some of this helped.
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