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    Talking How to "lose" a server

    If this wasn't serious I would have put it in Technical Humour

    HSBC (HongKong and Shanghai Banking Corporation) have "lost" a server containing details of 159,000 customers. Story is here:


    Now losing laptops is understandable given their portability, but a server?

    It does serve () to emphasise how important physical security in the workplace is........... a factor that is frequently overlooked?
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    The asian population seems to pride on "smaller better gadgets" type fad.... The server was probably some new prototype about the size of a wrist watch ---- Obviously a wise crack but seriously, in this situation, how do you lose 1 server and only one? ...

    In Depth: Simply, the organisation will not be operating from one server. Simply, the family of servers would share the same rack/room ???

    Also, what about security cameras etc, It would be noticeable for someone to loft a 20kg+ machine out the door.

    Nice find nihil

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    Quote Originally Posted by CybertecOne
    Also, what about security cameras etc, It would be noticeable for someone to loft a 20kg+ machine out the door.
    the prob with security camera is "most" of them set to lowest quality, u may see the figure carrying the server but hard to identify the person.

    probably the server is just a laptop comp act like a server
    latest laptop spec with up to 2GB RAM, SATA, dual core CPU etc...

    HSBC is making a lot of saving... lol
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    I've got an account HSBC. I just got all new cards because a local supermarket computer system was compromised. Screw it I'm going to see if they still make paper money and use that.
    Mad Beaver

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    LOL.. for a minute here I thought it was this from Bash.org. But it does appear that they didn't have good physical security in place during the renovation. A rack server can be small enough to fit into a backpack or other location.

    I think this just highlights that vigilance has to be on our minds regardless of what is going on. The reality is that one cannot trust anyone these days (unfortunately) and I suspect we'll see an increase in this as the recession continues and people look for ways to make money (the theft was probably to sell the server online at Ebay and make a few quick bucks -- I wouldn't be surprised if the thief doesn't have a clue as to the value of the data on the server itself).
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