What do you all think of this Threatfire program? How is Avast? I notice that a lot of times, it seems to miss a lot of obvious malicious software. Of course I realize that Avast is an antivirus solution...so I use A2Squared for other malware...what do you think of emsi's program? On top of that...I try to only install what I will be using the computer for: html and css(programmer's notepad and a couple browsers), imaging(photoshop and Gimp), audio(FlStudio and Audacity), video(premiere and videolan). I make sure that these programs are free of anything with mal-intent. I also know that I am not being hunted down by hackers. I abstain from using any email clients outside of web-based ones. What do you think of Defender Technologies(you know, a neat little trick by our government orchestrated with the help of Microsoft...research/traceroute it). What do you guys do to keep your home machines running smoothly outside of what I already mentioned...and do you think that I am right in limiting what I allow installed? Anyways, this was all just something to strike up a conversation. Hope it worked.