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Thread: New rootkit technology

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    New rootkit technology

    Whilst the concept is not new (remember "blue pill"?) this is a different approach:

    Security researchers have developed a new type of malicious rootkit software that hides itself in an obscure part of a computer's microprocessor, hidden from current antivirus products.
    Called a System Management Mode (SMM) rootkit, the software runs in a protected part of a computer's memory that can be locked and rendered invisible to the operating system, but which can give attackers a picture of what's happening in a computer's memory.
    The SMM rootkit comes with keylogging and communications
    Story is here:

    Basically it means that current anti-malware applications cannot detect them

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    Great, just what we needed..

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    "I donít see it as a widespread threat, because it's very hardware-dependent," Sparks said. "You would see this in a targeted attack."
    Even if it is hardware dependent, does it matter which OS you use?
    It did not mention any OS's in the article at all.
    Computers do not have problems, they have users.

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