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    Personally I just ask them to hold the line....put the phone down and go off and finish what ever I was doing..... for a couple of hours

    How people treat you is their karma- how you react is yours-Wayne Dyer

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    Seems like you've made a career out of making telemarketers miserable Gore =)

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    If you want to know the actual name of the company, "go along" with the caller for a bit. If it is a phone sales type thing, while you are "getting your credit card cause its in the other room" ask them who is going to show up on the CC bill for the billing, because you don't want to dispute the charges.
    \"Ignorance is bliss....
    but only for your enemy\"
    -- souleman

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    Slightly off-topic, but please read my thread here:


    I am sure that there will be all sorts of global variants?

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    I must share this.

    We do not have a long distance carrier with our home phone.

    We used to get two to three calls a week from each of the long distance carriers with a sales pitch.

    We would just hang up.

    One evening SWMBO was talking on the phone asking all sorts of long distance questions and answering, what I thought, were some strange questions.

    This went on for about 40 minutes. Finally the wife says...

    "So now tell me again what a phone is for? So I have to have a phone to get long distance? Oh ok then, never mind". After a short pause, wife says "No we don't own a phone." and hangs up.

    We have yet to get a call from anyone trying to sell us long distance.

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    I did telemarketing for about 2 weeks once... I went in out of my mind though, [not going into any specifics, but neither the customer or I knew what I was talking about by the end of the conversation] and walked out. I can tell you though, I loved it when the customer would put the phone down. I hardly made commission anyway, so that was just a nice break to be able to sit there and do nothing. They tried to keep us offline by removing the icon to internet explorer from the desktop, and the start menu [no seriously], so that was easy enough to figure out... So really setting the phone down may hurt the actual company... but may make the agent's day. I mean really, would you rather have to talk to the next pissed off customer, or sit and play games and read news?

    Granted, I was young and had no respect for my employers time/money... but it is kind of hard to respect a telemarketing agency.
    \"Those of us that had been up all night were in no mood for coffee and donuts, we wanted strong drink.\"


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