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Thread: OSX Malware Development

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    OSX Malware Development

    Has anyone thought about how you would write malware for osx 10.4/5?

    Assume you already have a browser exploit for a foothold...

    How would you:

    - run arbitrary code
    - have a persistent installation
    - load on boot
    - escalate permission
    - avoid detection & removal (notrace?)

    I have just switched to mac and I realize I don't have a familiarity with how these different points would operate during a system compromise... for instance I would use hijackthis for a persistent installation, but wtf would you use on a mac?


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    I know more about securing OS X than comprimising it, so...check
    out this site:

    Rootkits are probably a greater, albeit related, risk to OS X. If I'm
    not mistaken chkrootkit run on OS X now:

    There's also OS X Rootkit Hunter:

    Finally, there's ClamXav for viruses:

    “Everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects.” — Will Rogers

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    You might find this site interesting:

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