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    I agree with nihil. At the moment I'm just out of a 5 year degree and about to start my job. I've already had around 8-12 months experience with a software development company (some of it part time).

    I would suggest you do a more general degree. Personally I did a mix of electronic engineering and computer science, and I'd highly recommend that. I reckon that if you do that (the general degree that is, not electronics per se), you'll end up in a more specialised area naturally as a result of learning and being interested in certain things.

    From the way you're speaking, it sounds like at the moment you really have no idea about what you want to do. That's not a problem - I wouldn't expect you to have your career planned out just when you're starting uni - but I would suggest you "chill out" and don't worry too much at the moment about exactly what you'll end up doing.

    But anyhow, just my opinion (and probably not the best )

    Oh, and as to the best programming language - at the moment I'd say C#. Once again, that's just my bias.
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