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    MS Project

    In need of some help.

    Iv got Microsoft Project 2007 but require some help with it.

    Im looking to get some books on Microsoft project to help me learn the package and how to do things with it.

    Whilst searching I came across books for MS project 2007 , aswell as MS Office Project 2007. Are these two packages the same or different ?

    In terms of MS Project 2007 , can anyone recommend books to buy ? my experience level is beginner.

    Finaly can anyone suggest websites/tutorials/ebooks etc that I can download off the internet for MS Project 2007 ?

    Thanks in advance

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    Check your local libraries, some of them provide access to e-book collections like books 24x7 via your library card. I also recommend http://safari.oreilly.com or grabbing a membership to ACM or IEEE with the digital library add on.
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    If you're looking for a basic project management book with excellent hands-on MS Project tie-ins, Successful Project Management (Gido & Clements, Thomson/South-Western) is excellent. The current edition is the third (http://www.amazon.com/Successful-Pro...456623&sr=1-2), but the fourth (http://www.amazon.com/Successful-Pro...2456623&sr=1-1) is available for pre-order.

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