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    Wireless Auditing Box

    You might be a pen tester, network security admin or just a security hobbyiest which ever it is you might be interested in auditing your wireless LAN. I will describe the tools and hardware required to do so.

    1. Laptop [Suitable for mobility]
    2. Atheros Chipset PCMCIA Card Orinico
    3. A wireless 9db portable antenna
    4. Backtrack 2 live CD or Installed

    Just insert the pcmcia card into your laptop, insert the cd and boot from it.

    Once your logged into backtrack or any other linux distro with aircrack-ng suite your ready to go.

    To check whether your wireless card is there simply open a shell and type ifconfig ath0. It should display details of your wireless.

    To do anything with the wireless adaptor you have to put it into monitor mode. To do so type airmon-ng start wifi0. Now your ready to go.

    To do a basic scan using aircrack-suite simply type airodump-ng ath1[the name of virtual interface created in the previous step]. Hopefully you should see a number of wireless access point.

    Thats it for now hopefully next time i should post how to audit a wep encryped network, then a wpa, n lastly maybe a wpa2.

    ifconfig ath0 up [to start the interface if not done by the OS]
    ifconfig ath0 [display interface details]
    airmong-ng start wifi0 [put the card into monitor mode]
    airodump-ng ath1 [scan for wireless networks]

    Hope you enjoyed the mini tutorial


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    It is timely that users considering the above realise that;

    BT3 Beta is far more stable and has a better driver base and updated versions of the mentioned tools than BT2

    Know that there are 9dB Wifi Aerials .. and there ARE 9dB WiFi aerials..
    Cheapies usually as good a piece of wet string..
    and that at 9db.. you have directional and omni-Directional.. choose your poison..
    "Consumer technology now exceeds the average persons ability to comprehend how to use it..give up hope of them being able to understand how it works." - Me http://www.cybercrypt.co.nr

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    Omni directional are not that good for a site survey or for any other purpose unless youe buying it for your router? I use a directional cantenna there excellent I just point out of my window and in every direction I point it gets about 5 to 6 access points and normally 30% have no passwords.

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    Omni directional are not that good for a site survey or for any other purpose
    Actually a site survey is exactly what you would use one for. Your objectives are feasibility studies, installation planning, and trouble shooting. You are looking for things like interference, weak signals and dead zones.

    This is particularly a consideration in the UK where our building stock is old and mixed.

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