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    Comcast DNS records hijacked

    Comcast DNS records hijacked

    For a couple of hours yesterday, Comcast’s Internet Portal (comcast.net) had its DNS records hijacked and a defaced web page was loading from third-party domains. Further investigation into this incident reveals a connection between the group responsible for Comcast’s DNS hijacking and previous incidents such as the defacements of Justin Timberlake, Hilary Duff and Tila Tequila’s MySpace profiles. Comcast.net wasn’t hacked, its DNS records got hijacked, so whenever someone visited comcast.net, the defaced page was loading from different servers.

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    Wired's Threat Level blog interviewed the hackers. Network Solutions claims that they're not responsible for the intrusion, however.

    Comcast Hijackers Say They Warned the Company First

    The hackers say the attack began Tuesday, when the pair used a combination of social engineering and a technical hack to get into Comcast's domain management console at Network Solutions. They declined to detail their technique, but said it relied on a flaw at the Virginia-based domain registrar.

    Network Solutions spokeswoman Susan Wade disputes the hackers' account. "We now know that it was nothing on our end," she says. "There was no breach in our system or social engineering situation on our end."

    However they got in, the intrusion gave the pair control of over 200 domain names owned by Comcast. They changed the contact information for one of them, Comcast.net, to Defiant's e-mail address..."

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    Lol there so going to get pwned by the FBI'z.


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    ...and then they'll be 0wn3d by Bubba.
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