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    localhost in weblogs

    i have been looking at my web logs and getting a lot of traffic from localhost
    see below

    GET /rd/Clk.jsp?s=mg&k=part+tacoma+toyota&lnk2=rhhE%3F..pAspl%27Btgeel%27pDB.ExeyiAhy%27zyE%3EEkxhCexsq%3D992HH4%29jeCqDxmq%3DMM8M2G%29htEe%3DG%29pDqe%3DGLL1G498%29xkhe%3D68MH4G%29px%3DLGGH4GH4G%29qDBksC%3DrhhE%3F..vvv%27lDChxkokCq%27pDB%295iext%3D9G9G98L8L881M%23HK%23HK66%2714%27GH1%2791%23HK%23HKEkxh%26hkpDBk%26hDtDhk%29xCl%3D9%29hyyhkgsq%3DH2M%29geDhkgsq%3D69LH%29ixA%3DrhhE%23HK%23Gc%23GckqyexjsCg%27BiEEehsyB%27pDB%23Gcewhxefexxex982%27ErE%7C2%27226&p=63222&sid=27999&ex=1212184844366&snid=58 HTTP/1.1" 404 450 "http://99looks.net/search.php?q=part+tacoma+toyota&said=3" "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; en) Opera 9.21"

    is this a script kiddy
    or has machine (windows xp home sp2 with avast and avg) be compromised?
    like life, this is a test

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    Do you have an ad script on your site?

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    no nothing at all like that
    this is one example
    like life, this is a test

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