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Thread: RIAA MPAA New Scandal

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    RIAA MPAA New Scandal

    "Do you know what your five year old (network printer) is really doing alone and unsupervised on the internet, well, do ya punk?"

    I considered posting this in technical humour but it is true.

    Some university researchers set up a special honeypot for the MPAA/RIAA
    sleazeballs and the garbage they employ.

    They got a whole raft of "those" letters:

    The researchers were able to show that indirect detection is still widely used. By using 13 different machines on the University of Washington campus, the researchers were able to "advertise our presence as a potential replica without uploading or downloading any file data whatsoever." Despite having no infringing content on their machines, the takedown notices poured in, meaning that "direct detection" could not have been used in these cases.

    The researchers used some of these trackers to "frame" one wireless access point, three networked (and IP-accessible) printers, and a desktop PC that was not currently using BitTorrent at all. Each of the machines received DMCA takedown requests. An attempt to "frame" IP addresses with no machine attached failed to attract any complaints, however.

    I find it a relief that wireless access points and networked printers don't have constitutional rights
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    So if any of us get busted, we will blame Nihil (as he has our IP addresses) for framing our boxen. As long as he doesn't dispute it.... hmmm.
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    Actually a very nice piece of information. My bet is that the next killer protocol will include autogenerated dummy listeners to confuse the RIAA hunters

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